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Where To Go On Holiday In Andorra

Bordered by Spain and France, Andorra is a small, land-locked country in the southwest of Europe. It has a thriving tourist industry, thanks in part to its location in the eastern Pyrenees mountain range that makes for some jaw-dropping scenery and even better skiing. Its alpine climate makes for mild summers and cold winters - and the country boasts an impressive 300 days of sunshine per year.

Catalan is the main language of Andorra, although a few words of French, Spanish and Portuguese will also stand you in good stead with the locals. Catalonian influences can be found everywhere - and Andorran folklore is expressed by various national dances throughout the year.

Andorra's capital, Andorra la Vella, is best known for its shopping opportunities. Perfume, electronics, jewellery and toys can all be found in abundance. Meanwhile, gastronomes can have a field day tucking into many traditional Andorran dishes such as Brossat cheese, Masegada cake and Wild boar stew.

Andorra la Vella has a thriving events diary ranging from music and dance to street theatre and clown festivals. To get a real taste of the country though, we'd recommend getting off the beaten track and discovering some of the stunning walks that can be had in the more remote parts of the country. If walking's not your bag, activity companies are plentiful, meaning you can try your hand at loads of outdoor sports including rock climbing, canyoning, fishing and horse riding to name a few.

Undoubtedly one of the main drawbacks to Andorra is it's limited transport links with the rest of world. The nearest major airports are Toulouse and Barcelona, although you should budget an extra three or four hours to get to Andorra from there.