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Harbour Island

Where To Go On Holiday in The Bahamas

With over 700 islands and an economy that relies heavily on tourism, The Bahamas boasts an extraordinary and captivating holiday experience which is enjoyed by thousands of UK tourists each year.

The country's turbulent history - consisting of invasions, piracy, slavery, exploration and finally, independence - has helped to mould the culture and deep historical character of the islands.

A large proportion of the population lives on the relatively small New Providence Island which is also home to the capital city, Nassau. This city offers an intriguing mix of old and new. The historic heart is a thriving commercial centre, full of Georgian architecture, ancient forts and the famous Queen's Staircase which was hand-carved from limestone by slaves in the late 18th century.

Within easy reach of the historic centre you will discover a wealth of art galleries, nightclubs, restaurants and sporting activities. Don't leave without paying a visit to the Pompey Museum and The Atlantis Waterscape which is the world's largest open-air aquarium.

The Grant Bahama Island is next on many peoples lists, with its breathtaking beaches, enchanting marine life and sleepy fishing villages. Here, as is true of all over The Bahamas, there is plenty to suit all tastes. Sports such as diving, golf, tennis and swimming are available in abundance, whilst trips to unspoilt pine forests, catamaran cruises and wanders along tree-lined boulevards will appeal to those looking to indulge in blissful abandon.

Travel a little further field and you will discover the Old Islands which offer more of a truly West Indian vibe. Fishing, diving sailing and nature watching are all within easy reach – and here you'll find some of the best opportunities to get a real flavour of Bahamas life by listening to a rake 'n' scrape band, eating conch (either frittered, marinaded or raw) and supping a sweet, lager styled beer called Kalik.

Harbour Island