Where to go on Holiday

Saint John's - The Capital of Antigua and Barbuda

Where To Go On Holiday In Antigua and Barbuda

"The beach is just the beginning" and "the land of 365 beaches" is how Antigua and Barbuda's tourism board pitch their offerings. Clearly designed to differentiate the country from other Caribbean destinations, Antigua is renowned for being among the most luxurious of all West Indies escapes.

The country's small population is heavily reliant on tourism, and although the islands are just a few miles apart, their differences are striking. Antigua is where the majority of the action takes place. Diving in coral canyons, kicking back on the island's exquisite white-sand beaches and meandering along the world-famous Fig Tree Drive are all tried and tested activities that have captured the attention of celebrities and tourists alike.

In terms of historical attractions, the 18th century Nelson's Dockyard and working sugar mill at Betty's Hope on are both well worth a visit. St Paul's Anglican Church - one of Antigua's oldest buildings - is also worth seeking out.

You don't have to love cricket to holiday in Antigua, but it certainly helps. The population is cricket-crazy and you'll see matches being played wherever you go. A taste for rum (or the local lager called Wadadli) will also endear you to the locals - and the famous black pineapples (which aren't actually black at all) are purported to be the sweetest in the world.

Over on Barbuda you'll find the Caribbean's largest rookery. Untainted by any mass tourism, Barbuda is a one-village island that primarily attracts ardent bird watchers who come here to see the graceful frigate birds and hundreds of other species. The pace is deliciously laid-back, and whilst fishing, golfing and diving are all easily accessible, if you're going to beachcomb anywhere in the world, here's the place to do it.

Saint John's - The Capital of Antigua and Barbuda