Where to go on Holiday

Angkor Wat

Where To Go On Holiday In Cambodia

Resplendent temples, plentiful monuments, a rich and vibrant culture, and a nation of warm and charismatic people make Cambodia the perfect venue for an other world adventure.

Angkor Wat is synonymous with Cambodia, and is a fine example of Khemer architecture. Top of anyone’s list of things to do in Cambodia should be watching the sun rise and set against the majestic and mesmerising temple. Whilst in Angkor take time to also explore the Bayon Temple where you’ll encounter mysterious and imposing sculptures of faces. Nearby Ta Prohm boasts an eerie temple engulfed in jungle, a sight quite unlike any other.

Once done with touring temples, Cambodia has plenty more in store for you. Visit the riverside city of Battambang where you can ride an iconic bamboo train, take in the array of colonial buildings, dine at the Riverside night market and pick up fine handicrafts. Alternatively, head to the bustling capital Phnom Penh. Whilst it may still wear a scar from war, it’s being reborn into a vibrant and forward-thinking metropolis, and so is making its name as one of the must visit cities in Southeast Asia. Explore the city’s busy markets, learn to cook local cuisine, take in the Silver Pagoda or quad bike the surrounding countryside.

For a slice of paradise be sure to visit Koh Kong where you’ll be greeted with magnificent mountains, verdant rainforest and pristine beaches. The area is famed for its biodiversity and boasts an array of endangered species including the Asian elephant, tigers, turtles and bears.

Further afield on the border with Vietnam a raft of fishing villages line the Gulf of Thailand and provide a glimmer of insight into the Cambodian way of life. Also in the area you’ll find the breath taking beach resort area of Sihanoukville – perhaps the best place to unwind after all that sight seeing!

Angkor Wat