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Cape Verde

Where To Go On Holiday In Cape Verde

The stunning archipelago of Cape Verde is sure to delight with its swathes of beaches, traditional Morna music and vibrant Carnival.

The island of Santo Antão is simply breathtaking and has seen a boom in ecotourism in recent years. Take time to explore the traditional sugarcane plantations, traverse the Ribeira Grande coastal trails and lose yourself among the canyons covering the north of the island.

For a slice of paradise, look no further than Sal Island. Here you’ll find pristine white sand beaches – something which is otherwise difficult to come by owing to volcanic sand elsewhere. Being surrounded by so many coastlines of course means water sports are order of the day. Sal offers fantastic diving opportunities with its abundant coral reef and tropical fish, and you can even spot tuna and manta rays.

If windsurfing is more your thing head to the island of Boa Vista, and whilst here take time to explore the Viana Desert. Alternatively check out the islands of Santiago and São Vicente which are also good bets for surf. For those in search of culture the city of Mindelo on the island of São Vicente comes alive in February when the Carnival brings the city to life. Whilst on the island be sure to take time to enjoy the many hiking and biking trails too.

Across the whole of the country you’ll be sure to encounter Cape Verde’s famous Morna music accompanied by its traditional dance.

In the very south, the island of Fago is home to the magnificent São Felipe volcano where you can dine in the crater of a live volcano, and enjoy watching the sun set from the village of Cha das Caldeiras based within the volcano’s crater.

Cape Verde