Where to go on Holiday


Where To Go On Holiday In Estonia

The former bloc country of Estonia has been overlooked as a holiday destination for many decades, but look a little closer and you’ll discover a Baltic gem just waiting to be explored. Budget airlines have cottoned on to the charms of this alluring country, and as a consequence it’s never been so easy (or affordable!) to see what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

You’d be forgiven for questioning whether you’re actually in a capital city when you land in Tallinn’s old town. The quaint and compact town centre has a sleepy and old world feel, with pretty buildings dating back centuries and cobbled streets. Dig deep enough though and you’ll discover an underbelly of trendy bars, hip clubs and fine dining. Head outside of the old town and you’ll discover an altogether more cosmopolitan affair, where big shopping centres sit side by side with exclusive hotels, night clubs and world class restaurants. Owing to Tallinn’s location, day trips and onward travel to Finland is easily accessible with Helsinki lying just across the Gulf of Finland.

Elsewhere in Estonia you’ll encounter a plethora of landscape and scenery. On the Western coast charming seaside towns and villages line the shores and freshly caught seafood is the order of the day. Of the beaten track and the main coastline is the island of Saaremaa where lighthouses, castles and windmills sit amongst rich forest and beaches. If you find yourself on Saaremaa at the start of the summer, be sure to check out the Vallikraavi Veeralli where teams raft building skills are pitted against the next person in the annual boat race.

In the South of the country lies Otepaa where you’ll be spoilt for choice for activities according to the season; arrive in the winter and you’re treated to some of the best cross-country skiing going, and arrive in the summer time and you can pick from hiking, biking, swimming or kayaking.

Sprawling its way across the North of the country is the Lahemaa National Park, a great all year round display of Mother Nature at its finest. Explore the forests in search of moose, wolves, lima and bears, take in the sunset over one of the many bays, or simply meander your way along the river drawing in the incredible scenery. So whether you’re looking for up-and-coming city life or wilderness, Estonia is waiting for you to wake up and smell the coffee…