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Denis Island in the Seychelles

Where To Go On Holiday In The Seychelles

Think of a "tropical paradise" and the chances are you'll have a snapshot of the Seychelles lurking somewhere in your grey matter. The country's beaches act as the poster-child of the Indian Ocean – and whilst the Seychelles was once the preferred destination of international playboys and playgirls, an increase in affordable accommodation ensures that mere mortals can now holiday here too.

Brilliantly summed up by Lonely Planet, Mother Nature was indeed "very generous" with the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles. Idilic, beautiful, exquisite… whatever word you use to describe the scenery, the chances are it just won't cut it.

Praslin, La Dique and Mahé are the most popular islands to visit, the latter being the largest island and home to the capital city of Victoria. Wherever your choose to set up base however, it's unlikely you'll be moaning about the view. Secluded beaches, crystal clear waters and palm forests are in abundance everywhere. Diving and snorkelling opportunities are exceptional - and anyone with even a passing interest in nature can't help but be bowled over by some of the rarest species of plants and animals on earth.

Two UNESCO World Heritage sites (Vallée de Mai and Aldabra) are both dazzling in their own rights, although Aldabra with its enormous coral atolls and ability to describe itself as 'the original habitat of the giant land turtle' just pips it for us. Elsewhere in the Seychelles, holidaymakers can laze on any of the hundreds of sandy beaches, wander through breathtaking landscape such as Anse Source d' Argen and gaze in awe at many of the natural world's most wonderful creations including crabs, tortoises and the world famous jellyfish tree.

The fact that the Seychellen authorities have imposed exceptionally strict environmental legislation on any tourism project makes the Seychelles a bastion of sustainable tourism. It is respected throughout the world for taking firm steps to ensure that its natural beauty remains firmly in place a long time to come.

Denis Island in the Seychelles