Where to go on Holiday

Where To Go On Holiday Skiing

Where To Go On Holiday Skiing

Skiing holidays are a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors and get some exercise, whilst also having fun and a break from the day-to-day stresses and strains of life. However, knowing where to go on holiday for skiing can be tricky.

Whether you’re after beginner slopes and lessons, off-piste snow, an all inclusive deal with ski hire and ski pass, or you want to build your own break, these countries offer you the best of both worlds. With this list of recommended countries below, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit all needs and budgets.

  • United States of America

    The diversity of landscape, culture, architecture and entertainment means that there are a million different experiences to be had in the US.

  • France

    Rich in culture, cuisine, beaches and stunning countryside, our closest neighbour has the whole package.

  • Switzerland

    If you’re after a slice of the great outdoors then Switzerland could be a holiday destination for you.

  • Sweden

    A holiday in Sweden essentially means a holiday with the great outdoors. With lakes, rivers and forests aplenty, get ready for an active break!

  • Norway

    National parks, fjords and the Northern Lights are just a few of Norway's greatest holidaymaker attractions.

  • Italy

    Fine weather, stunning coastlines, a mind-blowing cultural legacy and world class food are just a few of the reasons you should consider going to Italy this year.

  • Finland

    Finland’s great expanse of land and diversity of scenery offers visitors the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle and be at one with nature.

  • Canada

    Serene lakes, endless mountain ranges, magnificent glaciers and extreme vastness make Canada one of the best places to explore the great outdoors.

  • Austria

    Austria offers holidaymakers a smorgasbord of delights - everything from art and dance to extreme snowboarding and literature festivals.

    • Andorra

      Bordered by Spain and France, this tiny country is a land of dramatic landscapes, world class ski slopes and Catalonian influences.

    • Japan

      Most people’s first thoughts of Japan are of sushi and geishas, but away from the stereotypes Japan is a staggeringly beautiful country full of mountains, ornate temples and well-mannered people.

    • Bulgaria

      By UK standards Bulgaria is still an affordable holiday destination. It also offers a raft of holiday options that will suit all tastes and budgets.