Where to go on Holiday

Where To Go On Holiday For Nature And Wildlife

Where To Go On Holiday For Nature And Wildlife

It’s great to be at one with Mother Nature. So whether this means a safari in Kenya, wildlife spotting in Brazil’s Pantanal region, or trekking through the jungles of Peru, there really is something for everyone. You may even wish to look at conservation volunteering opportunities so that you can get up close with your subject and really be involved.
So where to go on holiday for nature? Be it flora or fauna (or both!) you’re after, we know you’ll love visiting one of these countries.

  • New Zealand

    The awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand has earned it its place as one of the ultimate outdoor holiday destinations.

  • Iceland

    So much more than just Björk and a few geysirs, Iceland has masses to offer holidaymakers - and you don't need to be a nature buff to enjoy yourself here.

  • Canada

    Serene lakes, endless mountain ranges, magnificent glaciers and extreme vastness make Canada one of the best places to explore the great outdoors.

  • Australia

    With its diverse landscape, iconic attractions and bustling cities, Australia captivates even the pickiest of holiday makers.

  • Peru

    Peru has long been a favourite of backpackers and intrepid travellers, but the country also caters for the general holidaymaker.

  • Malaysia

    Very literally a country of two halves, Malaysia is home to cities, monuments rainforests and beaches.

  • Ecuador

  • Costa Rica

    With a tropical climate, a rich cultural heritage and world class beaches, Costa Rica is one of the best ecotourist destinations on the planet.

  • Chile

    Chile’s got the lot – beaches, rivers, lakes, glaciers, islands, volcanoes and desert - and that’s before you even touch on the culture, the cuisine and its warm and welcoming people!

    • Cambodia

      Resplendent temples, plentiful monuments, a rich and vibrant culture, and a nation of warm and charismatic people make Cambodia the perfect venue for an other world adventure.

    • Brazil

      When most people think of Brazil the first thing that comes to mind is the Amazon Rainforest or the Rio Carnival, but this enormous country has so much more to offer.

    • Bolivia

      With the great Andes Mountain range, bustling La Paz, salt flats and Inca Ruins it’s fair to say that Bolivia is a diverse and intriguing country which is gradually finding its way on to intrepid traveller’s South American adventure lists.

      • Belize

        Strikingly beautiful and largely untouched, Belize is a country of fascinating ruins, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

      • South Africa

        South Africa has seen a boom in tourism over recent years thanks to its vibrant cities, beautiful coastline and incredible national parks.

      • Solomon Islands

        • Philippines

          Often overlooked as a holiday destination, the Philippines offers holidaymakers the chance to explore a lesser traipsed part of South-East Asia.

        • Nicaragua

        • Kenya

          Beaches, world heritage sites and of course, safari, make Kenya one of the most exciting countries on the planet.

          • Indonesia

            Indonesia presents an assault on the senses, with its mix of cultures, vibrancy and contrast of peaceful beaches and lively bars.

          • Honduras

          • Guatemala

            • Cape Verde

              The stunning archipelago of Cape Verde is sure to delight with its swathes of beaches, traditional Morna music and vibrant Carnival.

            • Bhutan

            • Albania

              Not always regarded as being obvious choice for a holiday, Albania is on the up thanks to its Balkan charms, unspoiled beaches and thriving capital city.

              • Vanuatu

              • Tanzania

              • Suriname

                • Madagascar

                • Guyana

                • Burma

                  • Botswana