Where to go on Holiday

Where To Go For A Cheap Holiday

Where To Go For A Cheap Holiday

Times are hard and finding the money for a holiday can be even harder. But holidaying doesn’t have to cost the earth - you just have to know where to look. Luckily we've done the hard work so you don't have to! Here’s our top suggestions for where you can go on a cheap holiday without maxing out the plastic and avoiding calls from the bank afterwards.

  • Turkey

    Whether you're looking for a restful coastal break or a bustling city break, Turkey has something to suit all tastes and budgets.

  • Greece

    Despite its financial troubles, Greece remains a tourism hotspot with plenty to entertain intrepid travellers and chilled out holidaymakers alike.

  • Egypt

    Despite turbulent events in Egypt's recent history, the country remains a major player in the world of tourism.

  • Thailand

    Thailand has experienced a tourist boom in the last decade - and with its exquisite beaches, buzzy cities and superb cuisine, it's easy to see why.

  • Poland

    Gaining in popularity in recent years due to its pretty cities and beautiful countryside, Poland makes for a great getaway.

  • Malta

    Malta is one of the last remaining truly affordable European destinations, and with lots of companies offering bargain deals it’s a great time to head there.

  • Croatia

    Here at Where to Go on Holiday HQ we know it’s wrong to have favourites, but we do, and Croatia is it!

  • Vietnam

    Awe-inspiring beaches, rich rainforests and a respectful culture are just some of the reasons Vietnam has become a popular holiday destination.

  • Slovenia

    Slovenia’s probably not the first country that comes to mind for the majority when planning a holiday, but to overlook it would be missing a trick!

    • Slovakia

      With prices lower than that of many of its European counterparts, Slovakia offers a truly affordable escape.

    • Romania

      With its lush countryside, splendid castles, staggering mountain ranges and lively cities you'd be overlooking a real gem if you don't consider holidaying in Romania.

    • Peru

      Peru has long been a favourite of backpackers and intrepid travellers, but the country also caters for the general holidaymaker.

      • Malaysia

        Very literally a country of two halves, Malaysia is home to cities, monuments rainforests and beaches.

      • Laos

        Laos is a country of beautiful Buddhist temples, fantastic cuisine, and extreme natural beauty.

      • India

        India literally has everything. Beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine, bustling cities, snow capped mountains and much more.

        • Estonia

          The former bloc country of Estonia has been overlooked as a holiday destination for many decades, but look a little closer and you’ll discover a Baltic gem.

        • Cambodia

          Resplendent temples, plentiful monuments, a rich and vibrant culture, and a nation of warm and charismatic people make Cambodia the perfect venue for an other world adventure.

        • Bulgaria

          By UK standards Bulgaria is still an affordable holiday destination. It also offers a raft of holiday options that will suit all tastes and budgets.

          • Brazil

            When most people think of Brazil the first thing that comes to mind is the Amazon Rainforest or the Rio Carnival, but this enormous country has so much more to offer.

          • Tunisia

            Not just a beach destination, Tunisia also caters for the more intrepid traveller with colourful bazaars, hammams and the Sahara Desert.

          • Philippines

            Often overlooked as a holiday destination, the Philippines offers holidaymakers the chance to explore a lesser traipsed part of South-East Asia.

            • Paraguay

            • Moldova

            • Ghana