Where to go on Holiday

Where To Go On Holiday In January

Where To Go On Holiday In January

There’s no two ways about it, January sucks! Christmas excesses have left you poor, summer is a far flung dream and quite frankly getting out of bed to go to work on a cold, dark morning is enough to send anyone over the edge. If ever you needed to get away from it all it’s now.
Luckily salvation is at hand. Huzzah, we hear you cry! Quite. There are plenty of places blessed with sunshine and adventure in January, and getting away to somewhere hot doesn’t have to cost the earth. So pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get packing because we think you’ll be heading to one of the holiday destinations shown below.

  • Turkey

    Whether you're looking for a restful coastal break or a bustling city break, Turkey has something to suit all tastes and budgets.

  • Spain

    Vibrant cities, pristine beaches, fantastic cuisine and rich culture make Spain a fantastic option for a holiday in the sun.

  • Portugal

    Portugal offers a captivating mix of pretty coastal towns, up-and-coming cities and staggeringly beautiful countryside.

  • Egypt

    Despite turbulent events in Egypt's recent history, the country remains a major player in the world of tourism.

  • Cyprus

    With its Mediterranean climate and attractive beaches, Cyprus is a great destination for families, sun-worshippers and hedonists alike.

  • Thailand

    Thailand has experienced a tourist boom in the last decade - and with its exquisite beaches, buzzy cities and superb cuisine, it's easy to see why.

  • New Zealand

    The awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand has earned it its place as one of the ultimate outdoor holiday destinations.

  • Morocco

    It’s difficult to not be enchanted by Morocco with its vibrancy, culture and cuisine. It's also pretty inexpensive to get there.

  • Monaco

    The world's second smallest country is quite unlike anywhere else on the planet. You don't need money to enjoy yourself here, but it helps.

    • Mexico

      Mexico has long been a favourite holiday destination of many as a result of the enviable weather, pristine beaches, countless archaeological sites and cuisine

    • Malta

      Malta is one of the last remaining truly affordable European destinations, and with lots of companies offering bargain deals it’s a great time to head there.

    • Australia

      With its diverse landscape, iconic attractions and bustling cities, Australia captivates even the pickiest of holiday makers.

      • Vietnam

        Awe-inspiring beaches, rich rainforests and a respectful culture are just some of the reasons Vietnam has become a popular holiday destination.

      • Peru

        Peru has long been a favourite of backpackers and intrepid travellers, but the country also caters for the general holidaymaker.

      • Malaysia

        Very literally a country of two halves, Malaysia is home to cities, monuments rainforests and beaches.

        • Laos

          Laos is a country of beautiful Buddhist temples, fantastic cuisine, and extreme natural beauty.

        • Jamaica

          As the third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica offers an array of waterfalls, mountains, historic sites and beautiful beaches.

        • India

          India literally has everything. Beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine, bustling cities, snow capped mountains and much more.

          • Fiji

            If you’re after a slice of sun, sea and sand then look no further than Fiji with its alluring blue sea, pristine white sand and guaranteed sunshine.

          • Dominican Republic

            A jewel in the Caribbean’s crown, the Dominican Republic is every inch as idyllic as you’re led to believe.

          • Cuba

            Look beyond the cigars, rum and tropical beaches and you’ll find a vibrant, dynamic and alluring country that will leave you longing to discover every last corner.

            • Costa Rica

              With a tropical climate, a rich cultural heritage and world class beaches, Costa Rica is one of the best ecotourist destinations on the planet.

            • Chile

              Chile’s got the lot – beaches, rivers, lakes, glaciers, islands, volcanoes and desert - and that’s before you even touch on the culture, the cuisine and its warm and welcoming people!

            • Brazil

              When most people think of Brazil the first thing that comes to mind is the Amazon Rainforest or the Rio Carnival, but this enormous country has so much more to offer.

              • Belize

                Strikingly beautiful and largely untouched, Belize is a country of fascinating ruins, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

              • Barbados

                Affectionately known as Little Britain, Barbados maintains its unique laid back Caribbean charm and offers holidaymakers a slice of paradise.

              • Bahamas

                With over 700 islands and an economy that relies heavily on tourism, The Bahamas boasts an extraordinary and captivating holiday experience which is enjoyed by thousands of UK tourists each year.

                • Argentina

                  Fine wine, staggering waterfalls and world class mountains ranges - Argentina has it all.

                • South Africa

                  South Africa has seen a boom in tourism over recent years thanks to its vibrant cities, beautiful coastline and incredible national parks.

                • Philippines

                  Often overlooked as a holiday destination, the Philippines offers holidaymakers the chance to explore a lesser traipsed part of South-East Asia.

                  • Kenya

                    Beaches, world heritage sites and of course, safari, make Kenya one of the most exciting countries on the planet.

                  • Indonesia

                    Indonesia presents an assault on the senses, with its mix of cultures, vibrancy and contrast of peaceful beaches and lively bars.

                  • Dominica